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We're providing complex services in galvanization and varnishing.
Our company specialize in renovating parts for relics of motorization .

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High quality of our services and customer happiness are our priority. We treat each request individually and quarantee complex servicing.


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Our job is also our passion. That's why high quality goes along with the promptness of completing the requests.


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Our company specialises in complex service of galvanization and varnishing.

Experience gathered throughout the years allows us to perform the most challenging requests.

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Galvanization (or galvanisation) is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to metal, in order to prevent rusting and galvanic corrosion.
Process consists of zinc coating, nickel-plating and chroming elements made of brass, zinc, cast iron or aluminium.

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Renovating the varnish coat with keeping the right technology.
We guarantee durability and gloss for many years.

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A few words about us.

We are passionate about what we do. We realize that every request is unique, thats why we treat every task with care and dedication.
The quality we provide comes from years of experience, which makes for the top service we are proud about.


We provide overall view service, which includes taking off old coating, grinding, polishing, nickel-plating, coppering and chroming. The service also covers preparing bodywork and filling the gaps through applying brass and silver.

We offer complex varnishing service. Preparing the surface (body service, sandblasting elements), reaction base, pallet knifing, undercoating, base varnishing, colorless varnish, and polishing untill we achieve the "mirror like" effect.

We specialise in varnishing vintage motorcycles.

Our services

  • Chroming

  • Zinc Coating

  • Nickel-plating

  • Polishing

  • Stainless steel electropolishing

  • Varnishing


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Phone: +48 665-553-341
E-mail adress:
Adress: Nad Potokiem 25/12, 30-830 Kraków